KiBook 5 Step Help Guide

How to get started with your KiBook account, help guide and video tutorials with instructions for KiBook admin users! From setting up your account to managing your diary and how to access deposits etc.

Welcome to KiBook!

We understand it can be tricky to get started with a new online booking system so we have created these guides to help you get started and to give you a better understanding of how to use KiBook - we're delighted to have you on board with us!

Firstly, a quick explanation of how KiBook works for you and your clients!

When a client clicks your KiBook booking link they will select any service/s you have then a date/time - only your chosen working hours/available time slots will be available. They will then proceed to the checkout where they can pay a deposit (if you choose to do so) by bank card or they can pay using a promo code/gift voucher. Client card details will be stored by Stripe in the event of a no show. When the booking is successful they will be shown a receipt on screen with a message of approval that their order has been accepted, this same receipt will be sent to you and the client by email!

KiBook adds the appointment to your Appointments Calendar, you can click any booking to manage it!

You don't have to do anything else, just show up for your appointments!  

Let's get set up!

When you join KiBook you sign up for a 30 day free trial which will automatically renew unless you tell us otherwise! Click here to read about cancelling your account 

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Step 1 - Staff Settings

Singer User - you are automatically set to offer all services, although you cannot add staff the areas in bold apply to you too! You can however upgrade to multi-user at any time by getting in contact -

Multi-User - Before you do anything on a new KiBook account, we recommend you input your Staff, set them up with passwords so they can login on their own accounts to manage their own bookings! After creating staff you can then move onto setting up working hours and services!


- Click "Staff Settings" in your sidebar to the left of KiBook
- Click "Add New" to add new staff
- Click an existing staff member to change passwords, review assigned services, profile photo and to delete staff.

Permissions - You can click permissions under Staff in the left dashboard menu to manage which areas of KiBook staff members have access to!

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Step 2 - Working Hours + Breaks!

Inputting working hours has never been easier to your KiBook account! 

Click the + buttons to create new time slots, create one longer slot or split the day up into individual slots with breaks in between! Clicking on a time slot in working hours will allow you to edit or delete! Easily manage staff working hours in here too, simply click their names at the top of the screen!


- Click "Booking Settings"
- Click "Working Hours"
- Click the chosen Staff member
- Click the green + buttons to enter your working hours!
TIP - You can set any working pattern that suits you whether this is 9am-5pm or you can set this to 9am-10am, 10am-11am etc. You can also leave time between working hours to allow breaks! For example: 9am-10am, 10:15am-11:15am etc or leave an hour between 12pm-1pm for a lunch break!

Don't work the same hours every week?
You can edit your working hours on individual days just click your "Appointments Calendar" on the dashboard and edit availability on any select date! For example: If you normally work late every Friday but you want to finish early on April 20th you can click on this date and drag the time slot to finish earlier, later or click to delete the slot! 

Here's a quick video on availability and where you'll view/edit appointments!

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Step 3 - Service Set Up

Creating, editing and deleting services + categories!

Within the "Services" tab you can set up everything you would like to be able to book through your KiBook calendar either manually by staff or through your public booking link by clients. It is important to make sure you set up the correct duration, prices etc to ensure accurate bookings. 

New Category - A grouping of your services to sort them together, this makes it easier for clients to find services!
Example: You may have one category named Nails and another named Lashes!

New Service - Create a service which is bookable by staff and clients, set the duration/price, deposit (optional), assign staff and choose which category the service belongs to!
Example: Acrylic nails and Gel polish would both belong to the Nails category. Russian lashes and Classic lashes would belong to the Lashes category

New Add On - These are optional services which can add an additional price/time to a service/appointment!
Example: Your add on could be Nail Art (ombre, glitter etc)  to allow additional time and price onto an Acrylic nails appointment!

Multi-user - don't forget to assign your staff to a service they offer! You can do this in each Service or to mass edit Staff services click Staff Settings!

Single user - you are automatically assigned to all services!


- Click "+ New" then "+ Category" to create a category
- Click "+ New" then "+ Service" to create a service 
- Check your Service is assigned to a category and member of staff - clients can begin booking at this stage!
- Click an existing Category or Service to edit or delete!
- Remember to click Save Changes after any change!

We recommend inputting your full prices into KiBook as clients treat this as a price list!


We understand some appointments require additional time and prices which can be optionally selected by clients, we have incorporated Add-On's to KiBook which will allow clients to select at check out - this will update the full duration and price of their appointment to reflect  the Service + Add-On!


- Click "+ Add On" to create your Add On service
- Click an existing Service, scroll down and enable any Add On's which apply to this service
- That's it!

Click here for Group Bookings, Classes and Limited Period Bookings! 🎉

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Step 4 - Appointments Calendar

How to add Availability!

You can alter which time slots are available without changing your set working hours by adding and removing availability on your KiBook calendar. Want to work later on December 24th? Perfect, just click that date on your calendar and start editing.


- Click your "Appointments" Calendar on your KiBook Dashboard
- Click the calendar directly (long press on iOS or one click on desktop)  or click the + on the bottom right of the screen!
- Click "Availability" 
- Add additional time slots to the start or end of your day or on days you normally don't work
Click on any time slot to edit or delete it!

How to add a break/ annual leave!

On your KiBook Appointments Calendar you will see your set working hours and booked appointments, you can add breaks into your day for personal appointments, lunch or just a break between clients with the touch of a button! Double check you are booking off the correct time slot/dates to avoid confusion among your customers. 


- Click your "Appointments" Calendar on your KiBook Dashboard
- Click the + button on the bottom right of the screen
- Click "Leave"
- Fill in the select dates/times 
- Click on breaks/annual leave to edit or delete!

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Step 5 - Payments + FAQs!



Before taking payments using KiBook you must fill in your System Customization screen to ensure your terms and conditions are up to date and apply to your chosen business policies - if you have a no show/ cancellation/ lateness policy ensure these are included in System Customization. These will be displayed to clients at check out before they make a payment, a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent in a receipt by email to you and the client. 

Below are some of our FAQ's in relation to payments to your Stripe account;

Where do my payments go?
Good question! We use an integration tool by Stripe which allows you to take card payments from customers, Stripe acts as a bank account - we at KiBook do not have access to your payments.  When creating your KiBook account you also create a Stripe account so when a client pays a deposit this goes to your Stripe account and is then deposited into your bank on your preferred payout date (login to Stripe select Settings > Bank accounts and scheduling. The client will receive a confirmation email from KiBook confirming their deposit has been paid and the appointment is secure on your KiBook calendar! 

When/How do I get my deposits?
If you choose to take deposits these are paid by the customer at the time of booking, they use their bank card to pay via Stripe. Stripe handles all of your payments and deposits and will pay these into your chosen bank account which you can change at any time - login to to set your billing preferences, you can receive payments weekly or monthly. 

The processing time from Stripe to your bank account is roughly 48 hours minimum. This is based on Stripe vs your bank account, we hope to see this time scale reduce in the near future!


How do I take manual payments? 
You can charge a manual payment if a client is paying the final balance by the bank card they booked with. In the event that someone has booked a deposit and paid using their bank card, Stripe will store the card on file (vaulting) so that you may also charge the remaining balance (and no additional charges) of an appointment IF a client has not shown to an agreed appointment or complied with the terms and conditions outlined by your business. Please note, you must also ensure your terms and conditions are clearly stated on your KiBook account here for example, if your business requires patch tests, consultations etc you may also state this here. 

Read about card vaulting, manual payments and no-shows here 

Is a client refunded their deposit if I cancel their appointment? 
No, we do not have access to your payments so when you cancel an appointment on KiBook a cancellation email is sent to the customer only. To refund a customer you must login to your Stripe account (we recommend the app for this) find the payment, click on it and you will be given the option to refund back to their card. For any issues regarding payments you must speak to Stripe directly. 

What Is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment platform we have integrated with KiBook to allow your customers to make payments! Customers can pay for deposits, you can charge the remaining balance of a service by clicking "Take Payment" on an appointment - this allows you to manually charge the bank card on file. Stripe allows bank cards to be vaulted so that you may charge them for the remaining balance of a service on the day of an appointment instead of cash and to charge late cancellations/no shows.

We at KiBook do not take any additional fees other than the set monthly subscription payment however Stripe do take a percentage of all payments which includes deposits, the remaining balance if this is charged to the bank card on file. If you only take deposits through your KiBook account then Stripe will only take a percentage of the deposit amount. Stripe fees are shown below - read more here


We are verified Stripe partners meaning we can escalate any situation you may be experiencing with Stripe. If there are any issues you must try to contact Stripe directly, however if you need further assistance we can escalate in this scenario!

All payments are SCA approved.

Stripe groups your payments together and pays these out to your bank account on your preferred date - read more here

We believe Stripe offers you payment protection and allows you to protect your business from not receiving payment when it is owed!

About Stripe here.

If you're still unsure, please get in contact. We understand it can be a little confusing, we're happy to help as much as we can! Email -