Step 2 - Working Hours + Breaks!

Inputting working hours has never been easier to your KiBook account! 

Click the + buttons to create new time slots, create one longer slot or split the day up into individual slots with breaks in between! Clicking on a time slot in working hours will allow you to edit or delete! Easily manage staff working hours in here too, simply click their names at the top of the screen!


- Click "Booking Settings"
- Click "Working Hours"
- Click the chosen Staff member
- Click the green + buttons to enter your working hours!
TIP - You can set any working pattern that suits you whether this is 9am-5pm or you can set this to 9am-10am, 10am-11am etc. You can also leave time between working hours to allow breaks! For example: 9am-10am, 10:15am-11:15am etc or leave an hour between 12pm-1pm for a lunch break!

Don't work the same hours every week?
You can edit your working hours on individual days just click your "Appointments Calendar" on the dashboard and edit availability on any select date! For example: If you normally work late every Friday but you want to finish early on April 20th you can click on this date and drag the time slot to finish earlier, later or click to delete the slot! 

Here's a quick video on availability and where you'll view/edit appointments!

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