Step 3 - Service Set Up

Creating, editing and deleting services + categories!

Within the "Services" tab you can set up everything you would like to be able to book through your KiBook calendar either manually by staff or through your public booking link by clients. It is important to make sure you set up the correct duration, prices etc to ensure accurate bookings. 

New Category - A grouping of your services to sort them together, this makes it easier for clients to find services!
Example: You may have one category named Nails and another named Lashes!

New Service - Create a service which is bookable by staff and clients, set the duration/price, deposit (optional), assign staff and choose which category the service belongs to!
Example: Acrylic nails and Gel polish would both belong to the Nails category. Russian lashes and Classic lashes would belong to the Lashes category

New Add On - These are optional services which can add an additional price/time to a service/appointment!
Example: Your add on could be Nail Art (ombre, glitter etc)  to allow additional time and price onto an Acrylic nails appointment!

Multi-user - don't forget to assign your staff to a service they offer! You can do this in each Service or to mass edit Staff services click Staff Settings!

Single user - you are automatically assigned to all services!


- Click "+ New" then "+ Category" to create a category
- Click "+ New" then "+ Service" to create a service 
- Check your Service is assigned to a category and member of staff - clients can begin booking at this stage!
- Click an existing Category or Service to edit or delete!
- Remember to click Save Changes after any change!

We recommend inputting your full prices into KiBook as clients treat this as a price list!


We understand some appointments require additional time and prices which can be optionally selected by clients, we have incorporated Add-On's to KiBook which will allow clients to select at check out - this will update the full duration and price of their appointment to reflect  the Service + Add-On!


- Click "+ Add On" to create your Add On service
- Click an existing Service, scroll down and enable any Add On's which apply to this service
- That's it!

Click here for Group Bookings, Classes and Limited Period Bookings! 🎉

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