KiBook Full Help Guide

Everything about your KiBook account explained with tutorials and instructions to guide you through.

Video tutorials and step by step instructions included!

Managing my diary

Managing working hours, appointments, close diary to public, private/ custom bookings, maximum da...


marketing integrations with MailChimp for mass emails, QR codes for your booking system and socia...


Everything about payments, no shows/late fees, deposits and everything you need to know about Stripe

Gift Vouchers / Promo Codes

Information regarding gift vouchers and how they work, promo codes and online store!

Emails / Reminders / Receipts

Receipts + confirmation emails, inputting/editing terms and conditions, reminder emails, customis...

Account Options

Cancelling your account,

Using KiBook

Receiving orders and bookings from a customer, what happens when a customer does book, how does t...

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