marketing integrations with MailChimp for mass emails, QR codes for your booking system and social media cards

Mass Email / MailChimp Integration

Your KiBook account has a Marketing section with integration and plugin tools, one in particular which allows you to sync your client’s email addresses across to a platform called MailChimp this will let you send mass emails and newsletters! We use this to announce new features, updates, price changes and promotions! 🎉 


Step one -
Create your FREE MailChimp account here 

Step two -
After completing your MailChimp account set up, login to KiBook and head to My Business > Marketing > MailChimp - Click the “GET MAILCHIMP API KEY” button you will be taken to MailChimp and asked to create an API Key, you can then copy this key back in your KiBook marketing page! 

Step three - Your KiBook clients email addresses will be synced with MailChimp automatically or you can do this manually in the above section! You can then create campaigns (emails) on the MailChimp website or mobile app, they have a vast variety of custom features - don't forget to include your business branding with your logo and custom colours!  💚

Tip! Remember to check back to your marketing section before your next campaign and sync your clients up to date, as new clients book through KiBook you'll likely want them to be included in future marketing emails too! 

KiBook Marketing: https:// INSERTBUSINESSNAME


Video Tutorials

After creating your MailChimp account, get your API key to sync your KiBook clients below;

Get the MailChimp app or use the website to start creating campaigns! Send newsletters to your KiBook clients, this helps with brand recognition and allows you to promote your services or inform clients of changes! 

QR Codes have landed!

All KiBook accounts have a marketing section with free integration features allowing you to do the most with your business and encourage clients to use your online booking system!

A QR code is a matrix barcode, it is scannable on mobile devices to take you to websites or points of interest! We have launched QR codes personalised on each of your KiBook accounts which you can post to social media, attach to price lists, window decals and other business items so that customers can scan this code and be taken directly to your KiBook booking link!


Step one - 
Login to your KiBook account, head to My Business > Marketing > Marketing Media

Step two - 
Customise your social media card, create custom colours, upload a background photo of your choice and edit text to suit your announcement! Switch on the QR code button and download the image when you're done!

Tip: some KiBook booking links can be lengthly depending on the user's business name and we wanted to implement a way you could include your booking system into your social media posts/salons/business premise and advertisements without having a long URL everywhere. We have seen user's add their QR Codes to price lists, social media posts and window decals. The QR code keeps things short and sweet! 

KiBook Marketing: https:// INSERTBUSINESSNAME

Video Tutorial;