KiBook Full Help Guide

Everything about your KiBook account explained with tutorials and instructions to guide you through. Video tutorials and step by step instructions included!

Managing my diary

Managing working hours, appointments, close diary to public, private/ custom bookings, maximum days in advance clients can book

Managing my diary

Working Hours + Breaks!

Inputting working hours has never been easier to your KiBook account! 

Click the + buttons to create new time slots, create one longer slot or split the day up into individual slots with breaks in between! Clicking on a time slot in working hours will allow you to edit or delete! Easily manage staff working hours in here too, simply click their names at the top of the screen!


- Click "Booking Settings"
- Click "Working Hours"
- Click the chosen Staff member
- Click the green + buttons to enter your working hours!
TIP - You can set any working pattern that suits you whether this is 9am-5pm or you can set this to 9am-10am, 10am-11am etc. You can also leave time between working hours to allow breaks! For example: 9am-10am, 10:15am-11:15am etc or leave an hour between 12pm-1pm for a lunch break!

To edit your working hours on individual days you can click your "Appointments Calendar" on the dashboard and edit availability on any select date! For example: If you normally work late every Friday but you want to finish early on April 20th you can click on this date and drag the time slot to finish earlier, later or click to delete the slot! 

Here's a quick video on availability and where you'll view/edit appointments!

Click for Step Three!

Managing my diary

Custom/Private Appointments

If you have availability on your KiBook Appointments Calendar (whether your account is private or not) you can click a time slot and the Availability Editor will appear. This will allow you to manually book clients, delete available time slots, book annual leave or in this instance create a custom or private booking link! 

You can send a private booking link to a customer for a select time slot, they will be able to book this slot and only this slot using the link you provide to them. Clients will be able to book this as normal and pay a deposit simply by clicking the link and filling in a couple of quick details! This means you can manage your diary the way you want, if you prefer to close your system to the public you can do so and still send a custom link by clicking "GET LINK" 


- Head to Appointments on your KiBook dashboard
- Click an available time slot or add one if you have no availability!
- Click 'GET LINK'
- Enter your select service and chosen member of staff
- You can now copy the link that appears and send directly to the client 
- They can pay a deposit as normal 

Managing my diary

Maximum Booking Days

You can change your maximum booking days either to suit how many days in advance you like to receive bookings or change this to make your diary private by changing to "-1" Read more about private diary here 

Changing your maximum booking days will prevent anyone from booking an appointment beyond the time frame that you set. Some may choose to have their diary available two years in advance or two weeks. You can manage that in here and update as you go!


- Head to Customization
- Click System Customization
- Change "maximum days"
- Click save
- You're done!

Managing my diary

Private Diary + Password Protection

There are a few options to manage your KiBook diary, you can remove your working hours and just add availability directly onto your appointments calendar if and when you choose! You can also password protect your KiBook account to limit who books appointments! 💚

Password Protection

If you want to lock your KiBook to either manage your diary privately on your own or limit this to certain clients, you can set a password that will be asked for when anyone clicks your booking link! 


- Login to KiBook
- On the left, click Customization
- Click Booking Customization 
- Scroll down to edit your settings and you'll be able to set a password (don't worry you can switch this off or change the password later!) 

You can set your KiBook account to private to prevent customers booking appointments at their own will, you will still be able to use your system as normal and manage your diary privately! Our users find this helpful to manage appointments privately, to take indefinite annual leave or to post pone bookings due to a pandemic! (covid-19, 2020)


- Click “System Customization” on your KiBook account
- Edit your maximum booking days
- Set your set booking days to -1
- you're done!

Will I still be able to book clients in?
Yes! Although clients will not see availability on their end, you can still add manual bookings to your Appointments Calendar and manage your available time slots/working hours/services etc as normal. You can send a private booking link to a customer for a select time slot, they will be able to book this slot and only this slot using the link you provide to them - Click here to learn how! 

Managing my diary

Annual Leave / Breaks

Adding Leave - If you choose to take any breaks in between clients or if you would like to input any holidays/annual leave into KiBook you can do so by clicking the Appointments panel then the floating action button to the right hand side of the screen. You may now click Leave, this will allow you to create any leave/break in your calendar. Once leave/breaks are added these time slots or dates will no longer be available to the public. 

View/Edit Leave - To view all of your leave at once you can click the Annual Leave panel on the Dashboard. You can view/edit any leave/breaks in this screen as well as view your overall leave/breaks for the year. 

Removing Leave - Deleting leave/breaks can be done in the Annual Leave panel or by clicking the blocked out times on your Appointments calendar and click delete. 

Managing my diary

Appointment Actions


Below is an explanation of what each button does when you click on a client's appointment! 

Check Out - We recommend checking out a client after an appointment, this will send an email to the customer confirming they have attended the appointment. We have found it useful to edit the Check Out email in Email Settings by asking the customers to review our Facebook/Google Page/Trustpilot. Checked out appointments will remain on the Appointments Calendar and will turn green. You can edit the message clients receive here!

Edit - You can edit the time/date, service and price of an individual appointment by choosing the Edit action button. Notes can be edited at any time too!

Take Payment - This will allow you to charge a manual payment to the client's bank card used to pay their deposit. Manual payments can be taken if the client chooses this payment method at the time of their appointment. The manual payment can also be taken in the event of a late cancellation/no show. Read more about no shows and manual payments here!

Reminder - You can send a manual email reminder to a customer by selecting the Reminder button. Emails are automatically sent at the time of booking and a reminder email is sent 48 hour prior to an appointment! 

Cancel -  Cancelling an appointment will send the client an email confirming the cancellation of their booking. Cancellations will remain on the calendar as red blocks so you may refer back to them to check the notes on the appointment regarding the details of the cancellation. You can edit the email they receive here!


marketing integrations with MailChimp for mass emails, QR codes for your booking system and social media cards


Mass Email / MailChimp Integration

Your KiBook account has a Marketing section with integration and plugin tools, one in particular which allows you to sync your client’s email addresses across to a platform called MailChimp this will let you send mass emails and newsletters! We use this to announce new features, updates, price changes and promotions! 🎉 


Step one -
Create your FREE MailChimp account here 

Step two -
After completing your MailChimp account set up, login to KiBook and head to My Business > Marketing > MailChimp - Click the “GET MAILCHIMP API KEY” button you will be taken to MailChimp and asked to create an API Key, you can then copy this key back in your KiBook marketing page! 

Step three - Your KiBook clients email addresses will be synced with MailChimp automatically or you can do this manually in the above section! You can then create campaigns (emails) on the MailChimp website or mobile app, they have a vast variety of custom features - don't forget to include your business branding with your logo and custom colours!  💚

Tip! Remember to check back to your marketing section before your next campaign and sync your clients up to date, as new clients book through KiBook you'll likely want them to be included in future marketing emails too! 

KiBook Marketing: https:// INSERTBUSINESSNAME


Video Tutorials

After creating your MailChimp account, get your API key to sync your KiBook clients below;

Get the MailChimp app or use the website to start creating campaigns! Send newsletters to your KiBook clients, this helps with brand recognition and allows you to promote your services or inform clients of changes! 


QR Codes have landed!

All KiBook accounts have a marketing section with free integration features allowing you to do the most with your business and encourage clients to use your online booking system!

A QR code is a matrix barcode, it is scannable on mobile devices to take you to websites or points of interest! We have launched QR codes personalised on each of your KiBook accounts which you can post to social media, attach to price lists, window decals and other business items so that customers can scan this code and be taken directly to your KiBook booking link!


Step one - 
Login to your KiBook account, head to My Business > Marketing > Marketing Media

Step two - 
Customise your social media card, create custom colours, upload a background photo of your choice and edit text to suit your announcement! Switch on the QR code button and download the image when you're done!

Tip: some KiBook booking links can be lengthly depending on the user's business name and we wanted to implement a way you could include your booking system into your social media posts/salons/business premise and advertisements without having a long URL everywhere. We have seen user's add their QR Codes to price lists, social media posts and window decals. The QR code keeps things short and sweet! 

KiBook Marketing: https:// INSERTBUSINESSNAME

Video Tutorial;


Everything about payments, no shows/late fees, deposits and everything you need to know about Stripe


Take Payment - Manual Transaction + No Shows


Read to the end!

In the event that someone has booked a deposit and paid using their bank card, Stripe will store the card on file (vaulting) so that you may charge the remaining balance of an appointment using your KiBook account! IF a client has not shown to an agreed appointment or complied with the terms and conditions outlined by your business you may charge a cancellation fee or the remaining balance of a booking, this is in order to protect you from suffering loss of income and is not intent to be malicious or abused.

Instruction for manual payments 

– click the appointment which has an outstanding balance
- click the “Take Payment” button
- Select Cash if the client is paying in cash (optional)
OR Click SAVED DETAILS to charge the saved card details for the remaining balance - no additional fees can be added on top of the balance owed. (This payment will go to your Stripe account and is paid out to you as normal with your deposits)
- Payments are processed through Stripe, all payments are SCA approved offering all users protection
- If there is an issue with a payment you or the client can open a dispute via 

***Please ensure terms and conditions of your business are always up to date in Customization > System Customization this is essential to inform your clients of your late/cancellation and no show policies as well as any legal requirements such as patch tests, how their payment information will be used and whether you will use their contact details to reach them.
Payments are processed through Stripe, we do not have access to your payments however we can assist if you have any questions!- read about Stripe here
You cannot charge more than the price which was agreed by the customer at the time of check out. You cannot charge a customer who has not paid a deposit for that booking because they do not have a bank card store on file. You cannot charge a customer if you do not have a disclaimer stated clearly that you will take future payment. You have agreed in your KiBook terms and conditions as well as on your Stripe account that you will comply with the terms of payment and not abuse this feature.*** 

You can read more about no show payments and your protection against this by following the links below. Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions we may able to help with!



What Is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment platform we have integrated with KiBook to allow your customers to make payments! Customers can pay for deposits, you can charge the remaining balance of a service by clicking "Take Payment" on an appointment - this allows you to manually charge the bank card on file. Stripe allows bank cards to be vaulted so that you may charge them for the remaining balance of a service on the day of an appointment instead of cash and to charge late cancellations/no shows.

Stripe do take a percentage of any payments processed through their systems which includes deposits, the remaining balance if this is charged to the bank card on file. If you only take deposits through your KiBook account then Stripe will only take a percentage of the deposit amount - read more here

We are verified Stripe partners meaning we can escalate any situation you may be experiencing with Stripe. If there are any issues you must try to contact Stripe directly, however if you need further assistance we can escalate in this scenario!

All payments are SCA approved.

Stripe groups your deposits and payments together which are accepted through KiBook and pays these out to your bank account on your preferred date. You can login to at any time on desktop to change your settings including bank accounts and scheduling! - read more here


We believe Stripe offers you payment protection and allows you to protect your business from not receiving payment when it is owed!

About Stripe here.

If you're still unsure, please get in contact. We understand it can be a little confusing, we're happy to help as much as we can! Email -


Billing - Changing your KiBook subscription, payment methods etc

You can manage your deposits and transactions through your Stripe account at any time. Read more about Stripe here

However, your KiBook monthly/annual payment can be managed within your KiBook account. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription any time and change the bank/credit card you use to pay with.