Appointment Actions


Below is an explanation of what each button does when you click on a client's appointment! 

Check Out - We recommend checking out a client after an appointment, this will send an email to the customer confirming they have attended the appointment. We have found it useful to edit the Check Out email in Email Settings by asking the customers to review our Facebook/Google Page/Trustpilot. Checked out appointments will remain on the Appointments Calendar and will turn green. You can edit the message clients receive here!

Edit - You can edit the time/date, service and price of an individual appointment by choosing the Edit action button. Notes can be edited at any time too!

Take Payment - This will allow you to charge a manual payment to the client's bank card used to pay their deposit. Manual payments can be taken if the client chooses this payment method at the time of their appointment. The manual payment can also be taken in the event of a late cancellation/no show. Read more about no shows and manual payments here!

Reminder - You can send a manual email reminder to a customer by selecting the Reminder button. Emails are automatically sent at the time of booking and a reminder email is sent 48 hour prior to an appointment! 

Cancel -  Cancelling an appointment will send the client an email confirming the cancellation of their booking. Cancellations will remain on the calendar as red blocks so you may refer back to them to check the notes on the appointment regarding the details of the cancellation. You can edit the email they receive here!

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