Billing - Changing your KiBook subscription, payment methods etc

You can manage your deposits and transactions through your Stripe account at any time. Read more about Stripe here

However, your KiBook monthly/annual payment can be managed within your KiBook account. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription any time and change the bank/credit card you use to pay with.


1. Click My Business then Info! 


2. On desktop you'll see to the right, Manage KiBook Subscription! On mobile, simply scroll down to see this! 
You can click "OPEN STRIPE PORTAL" and this will direct you to the Stripe billing portal, you can update your bank/credit card in here which is used to pay for your KiBook subscription and you can also upgrade or downgrade your account!

To manage your deposits, refunding any clients or anything to do with managing your own payments to and from clients you can login directly into or download the Stripe app. KiBook does not have access to your payments between clients. Read more here 


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