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At this present moment we require users to contact us so we can manually cancel/terminate KiBook accounts and cancel the monthly Stripe subscription payments. Please note if you are on a 30 day free trial you must contact us before the end date of the trial period to avoid automatic payment charging your bank card via Stripe. If you cancel during a billing period you will be required to cover the final payment for the time used on KiBook.

We are working on automating this service but in the mean time just send us an email letting us know your full name, business name and when you wish to cancel your account from to -

We will cancel your Stripe subscription payment to us but if you wish to cancel your Stripe account you can login to do so - here

We understand KiBook beta appointment software may not be for everyone, we can only try to do our best and we're happy to hear any feedback you may have that could help us improve! Don't worry, we don't bite! You are welcome back at any time, please don't feel like this is goodbye forever!

Ps. Looking to freeze your KiBook account or struggling to make payments? Please get in contact, we would be glad to help!

Ashley & Andrew
(KiBook Co-Owners)

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