Custom/Private Appointments

If you have availability on your KiBook Appointments Calendar (whether your account is private or not) you can click a time slot and the Availability Editor will appear. This will allow you to manually book clients, delete available time slots, book annual leave or in this instance create a custom or private booking link! 

You can send a private booking link to a customer for a select time slot, they will be able to book this slot and only this slot using the link you provide to them. Clients will be able to book this as normal and pay a deposit simply by clicking the link and filling in a couple of quick details! This means you can manage your diary the way you want, if you prefer to close your system to the public you can do so and still send a custom link by clicking "GET LINK" 


- Head to Appointments on your KiBook dashboard
- Click an available time slot or add one if you have no availability!
- Click 'GET LINK'
- Enter your select service and chosen member of staff
- You can now copy the link that appears and send directly to the client 
- They can pay a deposit as normal 

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