Gift Vouchers / Promo Codes


Create promo codes to offer client's a discount, or create a voucher code to give to those buying gift vouchers!
Clients can redeem promo/voucher codes when booking, we recommend posting promo codes on social media and through mass emails - find out about sending mass marketing emails here!

Voucher Types:
 - Freebie = This voucher type will give a free appointment, the client will not be asked for a deposit or payment when booking! 
 - No Deposit = Will not ask for a deposit at the time of booking, no payment is prompted for at checkout!
 - Skip Deposit = Will not ask for a deposit at the time of booking, no payment is prompted for at checkout! 
 - Cash Value = Discounts the price of an overall booking or store purchase!


- Create a custom Code to be used for promotional purposes or a gift voucher number! Example: FiverFriday
- Enter the uses this voucher has - Example: 5 uses will allow 5 clients to redeem this code, once used up the code will be unavailable.
- Select the code type! Example: CashValue then set Value to £5. This will give users £5 off their booking if they redeem the code "FiverFriday" at checkout! 
- Click existing vouchers/promo codes to open, edit and delete them!

How does it work for the client?

Inform your clients any way you like of a promotional code you are running, whether this is through messages/emails/social media posts you can simply announce the code and clients will be able to enter this in the  at checkout when booking an appointment to receive the discount! 

How can I check if a client has used a specific voucher?

You can click a client's appointment and then the ORDER button to view the order details included any vouchers used inside the green box! You can also view any orders by searching for the client's name, viewing the Client directory and under Store Settings on your left tab bar you can view Order History. This will show you when any orders/bookings were placed, who they are for as well as the price, client notes and voucher/deposit paid. 





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