Mass Email / MailChimp Integration

Your KiBook account has a Marketing section with integration and plugin tools, one in particular which allows you to sync your client’s email addresses across to a platform called MailChimp this will let you send mass emails and newsletters! We use this to announce new features, updates, price changes and promotions! 🎉 


Step one -
Create your FREE MailChimp account here 

Step two -
After completing your MailChimp account set up, login to KiBook and head to My Business > Marketing > MailChimp - Click the “GET MAILCHIMP API KEY” button you will be taken to MailChimp and asked to create an API Key, you can then copy this key back in your KiBook marketing page! 

Step three - Your KiBook clients email addresses will be synced with MailChimp automatically or you can do this manually in the above section! You can then create campaigns (emails) on the MailChimp website or mobile app, they have a vast variety of custom features - don't forget to include your business branding with your logo and custom colours!  💚

Tip! Remember to check back to your marketing section before your next campaign and sync your clients up to date, as new clients book through KiBook you'll likely want them to be included in future marketing emails too! 

KiBook Marketing: https:// INSERTBUSINESSNAME


Video Tutorials

After creating your MailChimp account, get your API key to sync your KiBook clients below;

Get the MailChimp app or use the website to start creating campaigns! Send newsletters to your KiBook clients, this helps with brand recognition and allows you to promote your services or inform clients of changes! 

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