Orders / What happens when clients book!

When a client places an order through your KiBook booking link for an appointment or store item they will be shown a receipt on screen with a message of approval that their order has been accepted, this same receipt will be sent to you and the client by email!

KiBook adds the appointment to your Appointments Calendar, you can click any booking to manage it!

Store Items - If you choose to sell items and gift vouchers through your KiBook store, clients will click Store on your booking link, add items to the cart and will checkout by bank card. A receipt is sent to you and the client by email, delivery is now up to you to manage! 

How can I view the orders? 

On your KiBook Dashboard you have a large Orders button near the bottom, click that! 


You are also sent a copy of any order processed through your system immediately by email for you to check, make sure you look in your junk mail! 

To view orders on your KiBook account you can click a client's appointment and then the ORDER button to view the order details included any vouchers used inside the green box!

You can also view any orders by searching for the client's name, viewing the Client directory and under Store Settings on your left tab bar you can view Order History. This will show you when any orders/bookings were placed, who they are for as well as the price, client notes and voucher/deposit paid. 


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