Private Diary + Password Protection

There are a few options to manage your KiBook diary, you can remove your working hours and just add availability directly onto your appointments calendar if and when you choose! You can also password protect your KiBook account to limit who books appointments! ūüíö

Password Protection

If you want to lock your KiBook to either manage your diary privately on your own or limit this to certain clients, you can set a password that will be asked for when anyone clicks your booking link! 


- Login to KiBook
- On the left, click Customization
- Click Booking Customization 
- Scroll down to edit your settings and you'll be able to set a password (don't worry you can switch this off or change the password later!) 

You can set your KiBook account to private to prevent customers booking appointments at their own will, you will still be able to use your system as normal and manage your diary privately! Our users find this helpful to manage appointments privately, to take indefinite annual leave or to post pone bookings due to a pandemic! (covid-19, 2020)


- Click ‚ÄúSystem Customization‚ÄĚ on your KiBook account
- Edit your maximum booking days
- Set your set booking days to -1
- you're done!

Will I still be able to book clients in?
Yes! Although clients will not see availability on their end, you can still add manual bookings to your Appointments Calendar and manage your available time slots/working hours/services etc as normal. You can send a private booking link to a customer for a select time slot, they will be able to book this slot and only this slot using the link you provide to them - Click here to learn how! 

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