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In the event that someone has booked a deposit and paid using their bank card, Stripe will store the card on file (vaulting) so that you may charge the remaining balance of an appointment using your KiBook account! IF a client has not shown to an agreed appointment or complied with the terms and conditions outlined by your business you may charge a cancellation fee or the remaining balance of a booking, this is in order to protect you from suffering loss of income and is not intent to be malicious or abused.

Instruction for manual payments 

– click the appointment which has an outstanding balance
- click the “Take Payment” button
- Select Cash if the client is paying in cash (optional)
OR Click SAVED DETAILS to charge the saved card details for the remaining balance - no additional fees can be added on top of the balance owed. (This payment will go to your Stripe account and is paid out to you as normal with your deposits)
- Payments are processed through Stripe, all payments are SCA approved offering all users protection
- If there is an issue with a payment you or the client can open a dispute via 

***Please ensure terms and conditions of your business are always up to date in Customization > System Customization this is essential to inform your clients of your late/cancellation and no show policies as well as any legal requirements such as patch tests, how their payment information will be used and whether you will use their contact details to reach them.
Payments are processed through Stripe, we do not have access to your payments however we can assist if you have any questions!- read about Stripe here
You cannot charge more than the price which was agreed by the customer at the time of check out. You cannot charge a customer who has not paid a deposit for that booking because they do not have a bank card store on file. You cannot charge a customer if you do not have a disclaimer stated clearly that you will take future payment. You have agreed in your KiBook terms and conditions as well as on your Stripe account that you will comply with the terms of payment and not abuse this feature.*** 

You can read more about no show payments and your protection against this by following the links below. Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions we may able to help with!


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