Upgrade to Annual Membership

We hope you and your clients are loving KiBook and are finding it to be super helpful to your business!  

 Did you know you can upgrade your subscription to an annual subscription saving you money?  

 Single User £10 per month or annual £100 saving you £20! 

Multi User £20 per month or annual £200 saving you £40! 

Multi User Plus £35 per month or annual £350 saving you £70! 


  • Never miss a payment! 
  • No more worrying to make sure you remember to have the money in your account on time!  
  • If you subscribe to annual payments, you can forget all about it until next year! 


  • NONE! 

 To subscribe and become an annual member just click this link to our shop, pop it in your basket and head to checkout; 

 Click here!

 There is also a range of payment options available including credit or debit card, Afterpay or Klarna. Whatever suits you best. If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer or invoice just let us know!

*Once you’ve paid you’ll receive confirmation from us within 24 hours that your account has been upgraded! Yearly memberships are non refundable.

Once again, we hope you are enjoying KiBook, we are so happy to have you with us. As always, any issues we are on hand to help at  

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