Upgrade to have staff!

If you are a Single User account then you currently only have one calendar on your account and one login - if you would like to upgrade to include members of staff on your account we can help! 

We have four user tiers;

1 Single User - 1 staff (£100 annually or £10pm)
2 Multi User - up to 5 staff (£200 annually or £20pm)
3 Multi User Plus - Up to 10 staff (£350 annually or £35pm)
4 Custom - unlimited 

What do you have to do?

Send us an email to contact@kibook.co.uk letting us know how many members of staff you'd like to have on your account! We can upgrade this for you which will allow you to access the Staff section of your account. This will allow you to create login details for them, they can have their own working hours, services and will have their own calendar! 

*Please note there can only be one Stripe account per KiBook account, this means any deposits paid for staff members all go to the one Stripe account. If staff members are self employed or prefer to receive their own payments then we recommend having their own KiBook account instead of being part of a Multi User account

Here's a bit of info on how to set staff up once your account is upgraded - click here

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