Emails / Reminders / Receipts

Receipts + confirmation emails, inputting/editing terms and conditions, reminder emails, customising emails!


KiBook sends the following emails from our systems to your client's inboxes without delay!


Customers receive a confirmation email when they book an appointment or place an order through your KiBook online store. Email's include the time/date/location of the appointment as well as the member of staff carrying out the service and the overall price. 

Cancellation Emails

When you cancel a clients appointment on your KiBook calendar this sends an automated cancellation email to inform the client.


Clients receive an automatic reminder email 48 hours prior to their booking! You can manually send reminders at any time by clicking the appointment > reminder. This will send a further email! 

All clients are sent emails, please encourage clients to check their junk/spam folders and ensure their email address was input correctly. 

Booking Customization - Inputting your Terms and Conditions!


This is crucial to all businesses, inputting and updating your terms and conditions! These are attached to booking receipts, confirmation and reminder emails and are also shown on the booking screen to all customers before they confirm an order! Terms and conditions are shown to customers for both bookings and store orders. Terms and conditions are your protection, if you have a no show/late cancellation policy you must include this as well as any legal or insurance based information. We recommend checking with you legal body for compliance. 

State your terms as clear as possible, you can even attach a link to your website or external disclaimers!

- All payments are processed through Stripe, if a client has an issue with a payment they can open a dispute through Stripe who also have their own terms and conditions. You are protected by Stripe and receipts are sent to customers directly from Stripe confirming purchases, refunds and returns! Contact Stripe