Step 5 - Payments!

Before taking payments on KiBook you must fill in your System Customization screen to ensure your terms and conditions are up to date and apply to your chosen business policies - if you have a no show/ cancellation/ lateness policy ensure these are included in System Customization. These will be displayed to clients at check out before they make a payment, a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent in a receipt by email to you and the client. 

Below are some of our FAQ's in relation to payments/Stripe;

Where do my payments go?
Good question! We use an integration tool by Stripe which allows you to take card payments from customers, Stripe acts as a bank account - we at KiBook do not have access to your payments.  When creating your KiBook account you also create a Stripe account so when a client pays a deposit this goes to your Stripe account and is then deposited into your bank on your preferred payout date (login to Stripe select Settings > Bank accounts and scheduling. The client will receive a confirmation email from KiBook confirming their deposit has been paid and the appointment is secure on your KiBook calendar! 

When/How do I get my deposits?
If you choose to take deposits these are paid by the customer at the time of booking, they use their bank card to pay via Stripe. Stripe handles all of your payments and will pay these into your chosen bank account - login to to set your billing preferences, you can receive payments weekly or monthly. 

We realise some businesses prefer to receive payment immediately but this is the processing time from Stripe to your bank account. We have had discussions, polls, surveys between our users to discuss Stripe and have found the majority now prefer to receive their payments weekly and find managing money and paying bills easier than before - fantastic!  

How do I take payments from no-shows?
In the event that someone has booked a deposit and paid using their bank card, Stripe will store the card on file (vaulting) so that you may charge the remaining balance of an appointment IF a client has not shown to an agreed appointment or complied with the terms and conditions outlined by your business.

Read about card vaulting, manual payments and no-shows here 

Is a client refunded their deposit if I cancel their appointment? 
No, we do not have access to your payments so when you cancel an appointment on KiBook a cancellation email is sent to the customer only. To refund a customer you must login to your Stripe account (we recommend the app for this) find the payment, click on it and you will be given the option to refund back to their card. For any issues regarding payments you must speak to Stripe directly. 

What Is Stripe?

Stripe is the payment platform we have integrated with KiBook to allow your customers to make payments! Customers can pay for deposits, you can charge the remaining balance of a service by clicking "Take Payment" on an appointment - this allows you to manually charge the bank card on file. Stripe allows bank cards to be vaulted so that you may charge them for the remaining balance of a service on the day of an appointment instead of cash and to charge late cancellations/no shows.

Stripe do take a percentage of any payments processed through their systems which includes deposits, the remaining balance if this is charged to the bank card on file. If you only take deposits through your KiBook account then Stripe will only take a percentage of the deposit amount - read more here

We are verified Stripe partners meaning we can escalate any situation you may be experiencing with Stripe. If there are any issues you must try to contact Stripe directly, however if you need further assistance we can escalate in this scenario!

All payments are SCA approved.

Stripe groups your payments together and pays these out to your bank account on your preferred date - read more here

We believe Stripe offers you payment protection and allows you to protect your business from not receiving payment when it is owed!

About Stripe here.

If you're still unsure, please get in contact. We understand it can be a little confusing, we're happy to help as much as we can! Email -

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