Booking Settings


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The Services screen allows you what services you actually offer to clients. What you see on this screen will be a representation of what clients see when they book you, so it's good to keep it clean and concise!

Multiple Staff - After adding services we recommend checking these are assigned to the correct staff by navigating to the sidebar and clicking Staff Settings>Staff> Choose the staff member who's services you wish to update.

Add-On Services

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Add-On services are a way to offer extended appointment times and prices based on additional services you may offer. For example, a Nail Technician may offer Acrylic Nails as the service and Nail Art as the add-on. This will add additional time/ a new price onto the entire booking to allow for the optional extra. 


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Categories are the overall types of appointments you or your team offer to clients, add new categories to group service types together and to make it easier for clients to find what they are looking for. Some users have categories per staff member too - just a tip! 

Working Hours

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Simply put, this is the screen that lets you or your team set their working hours. This is where you declare when you're open for business. Create one long time slot ranging from 9am-5pm for example or split your time up to suit you, leave any gaps for regular breaks! 

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