Email Settings

Message Templates
If you click Customization on the left task bar then Message Templates you will be taken to a screen which will allow you to edit your customer emails. 

- Booking Email
The booking email is received by customers as soon as their appointment has been approved. This email contains their order, confirmation date/time, remaining balance and shows the address of where the appointment will take place. 

-Cancellation Email
This email will send to customers only after you click Cancel on their appointment screen via the Schedule Calendar. These are manually sent to give you the option as to whether or not you want your customers to receive cancellation emails.

-Checkout Email
Checkout emails are manually sent after clicking Checkout on the clients appointment screen via the Schedule Calendar. Customers have found it useful to include their review pages (facebook, google+, trust pilot) on the checkout emails to improve ratings. For example; Thank you for subscribing to KiBook. Please review us here to let us know how we did -

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