Staff Settings

The staff tab will allow you to view all of your current members of staff, you can edit each staff members account in here if you have permission to do so and create passwords so each member has their own login (Please read next section for Permission.) Staff members can be added if you are on KiBook Fable or Novella - if you're not sure email us These are multi user accounts, you may add members of staff, remove them or edit their accounts to set which services they offer. If a new service is added please ensure you update the staff members to choose who offers these services and who doesn't.

In permissions you can create new categories such as Admin - this could be for the business owner so they have full access to all areas of the KiBook account. Assistant could be used so that staff members are restricted, it may be that they cannot view reports or payment records, they may be unable to change details of other users and could access their own calendars only. This is all completely customisable and is entirely your decision how you choose to use it. 

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