The Dashboard

Dashboard screenshotHome! it's a good feeling.

The KiBook dashboard is probably the screen you'll see most when using the system, it's your portal to everything KiBook can do. We try to keep the dashboard easy to read and follow, but we realize there's a lot going on so let's start at the top!

The Toolbar

The toolbar is always present in KiBook. it gives access to core functionality you might want to be able to access at a moments notice.

(left from right)

The 'Burger' Icon

The 'Burger' icon can be used to toggle the sidebar size from collapsed to expanded. Useful if you're on a smaller screen.

Paint Drops

The paint drops button is used to select a different dashboard theme, this is just for preference and doesn't effect what your customers/clients see.

Hopefully this one is pretty self explanatory! But this handy button brings up the system-wide search overlay, which can be used to search your entire account.





User Area


The Sidebar

The sidebar is also going to stick around while you're on KiBook. It's your main navigation hotspot when browsing the system or just admiring your busy calendar

Business Area


Dashboard Shortcut


Business Settings


Booking Settings




Store Settings


System Settings


Staff Settings




The Panels

Ah, the panels. These change depending on what page of the system you're on. On the dashboard you'll have some customizable default panels which will give you quick links to some of the more important areas of KiBook.

And lastly...

The Notes

Technically also a panel, the notes area is just a quick scratchpad you can use to jot down things in. That's all there is to it! Everything you type is saved as you type it, so no need to worry about waiting around.


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